7 Best Gifts For Christmas In July

Individuals who celebrate Christmas in July know that gifts are an essential part of the festivities. However, there are some recipients who are not so easy to buy for and this can make gift ideas a little disheartening. Thankfully, there is a helpful guide below for buying Christmas gifts that are suited for even the trickiest gift situations. Below are 7 of the best gifts for Christmas in July:

Chocolate Gift Hamper

Not only do chocolates make for the perfect table decorations and tree ornaments, but they are delightful and filled with goodness that is guaranteed to lift the spirit of any recipient. Send an xmas gift hamper to your family and friends that is chockfull of luxurious and exquisite chocolates that are sure to delight.

During Christmas in July, the majority of individuals indulge in their mulled wine while sitting by an open fire throughout this brief winter month. This type of gift hamper will serve as the ideal complement to the mulled wine and will help with brightening up the cold days.

Weekend Getaway

If your mom or other special female loved one never seems to slow down, a weekend getaway might assist in rejuvenating her. Typically, smaller inns will work out a unique weekend deal with you. If your budget allows, coordinate the weekend getaway with a wonderful wine country tour. She will enjoy learning about winemaking art, sampling wine tasting on the house and browsing through the myriad of shops as she goes along. Conduct some online research, call a travel agent and figure out the details.


Pick out a nice picture frame or photo album to gift to a friend or family member to commemorate such a special occasion. No doubt, either one would be highly appreciated by the recipient. Fill the album or frame with personal photos that are filled with sentimental significance to the recipient. Think about putting together a themed photo album for a personal touch and originality.

For example, you could put together pictures from high school days or pictures taken through the ages. These can be accompanied by copies of newspaper articles, brochures or other tidbits that can be inserted into the photo pages easily and align with the theme.

Festive Gear

A part of celebrating Christmas in July is dressing up. This could mean a full-on elf costume or a Santa hat. Whatever you decide, there is no wrong way to rock Christmas in July fashion and outfits. Friends and family have long made Ugly Sweater competitions a favourite activity for Christmas in July. As such, gifting ugly or cute sweaters, Christmas pyjamas, graphic t-shirts and any other fun article of clothing can be an ideal gift for Christmas in July.

Personalised Mugs

Virtually everybody loves a warm cup of coffee or a hot chocolate on Christmas. You can get personalised mugs for some of the individuals on your list. Not only do mugs hold warm drinks, but they hold memories as well. Additionally, pretty much everybody loves reminiscing about Christmas memories. Mugs are a remarkable gift idea for practically any age and they will be personal to each person. The recipient will never have to share his or her mug again, particularly when his or her name is printed on it.

Manicure/Pedicure in a Jar

For a lady on your list, or anyone who enjoys keeping their nails neat and looking clean, you can create a gift with some amount of luxury in mind. A manicure/pedicure jar will be well worth the bit of energy involved. Things you could add to a mason jar include some nail clippers, one or two nail polishes, nail polish remover, moisturiser, cotton balls, a glittery nail file and cuticle oil. Create your own label and just allow your creativity to shine through. Include a thoughtful, clever or funny message and wrap it with some Christmas ribbon.

Dry Out Pouches

Any owner of a tablet or smartphone would like to keep the device safe from the unforeseen; however, that does not happen all the time. With the temperatures getting higher during the Christmas in July period, more individuals seek out their favourite swimming hole and that results in heightening the risk of getting an expensive device wet. There are some handy little pouches on the market that are designed to dry out tablets or cell phones if the worst should happen. They make great gifts as they are reasonably priced and do a great job of rescuing these treasures if they ever become soaked.

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